Drawing lips

In previous posts we studied eyes, eyebrows, nose and ears; so today we finish face with lips and are ready to jump to hair tutorial next week. Grab your pencils, prepare papers, here we go!

Drawing ear

It was nose here last week, here we go with ear today! Drawing and shading ear; ear shapes; helix-antihelix(wt helix!?); ear’s position on head; front, side, back views; seems like all is here again!

Drawing nose

After eye and eyebrow posts here we go with nose; prepare your pencils!

Drawing eyebrow

I had read from that autobiography book called ‘I am Ozzy’, that Ozzy Osbourne shaved off his guest’s eyebrows and checked their reactions in the morning.

Drawing eye

It is very possible that I checked my eyes’ patterns few years ago for the first time while studying eye; then I realised its color is not flat brown. There were tiny black scratches in dark brown.

Face shapes

What are those face shapes? Why do we need to analyse them?

Head and face proportions

Before telling you about those proportions I will lead you through a passage to show my studies from 3 years ago. Fasten your seatbelts, the dark ride starts.

A two-year-old portrait

A drawing from 08.2015. What I remember about that drawing is that I was so satisfied with it for a very long time, haha, but was shy to show my friends. Well, it is here now.


Previous week we studied skeleton; this week we go from inside out and study what’s right under skin; muscles!


I almost hear you saying why do we even have to learn skeletal system. So let’s take a look why.