For this drawing, they are just hands you can say, but they are from the movie ‘Biutiful’ by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu…

Hands and Arms – Anatomy

Before drawing hand poses we are going to apply anatomic knowledge of skeleton and muscles first. (“Again!?“)

Drawing torso – Figures

Last week it was torso’s skeleton and muscles here; you can take a look at my previous tutorial and there you are going to find fundamental informations for this post.

Drawing torso – Anatomy

It is pretty easy drawing contours of a torso, but what about muscles under skin, where to place what shape of muscle?

Lighting face

Lighting or shading a face is about understandig the form. Understanding the form and moving the light source wherever you want.

Head positions

Previous weeks we studied everything about face; what about head’s positions, angles, moves?

Drawing hair

We finished the whole face last week finally ^^, here we go with hair today!

Hi, it is me!

Hi everyone! For those who have seen my previous tutorial about lips, in the end there was a lip drawing with a sketchy nose; so I went on drawing it more later.