Drawing Animals – Eyes

Let’s take a look at animal eyes this week and examine how to draw them. Travis–My Eyes playing in the background(don’t skip the video clip :p), did you prepare your papers and pencils? Good! ^^

Animal Anatomy 2

This is the second post about animal anatomy. This week I wanted to point out some other facts which they weren’t in the previous post, the ones I find also interesting and wanted to add.

Drawing Animals – Anatomy

We have gone through a huge human title(25 posts so far), now it is time for drawing animals, starting with anatomy. Here we go!

Drawing human poses

After the break I had in January, as I promised, I am back with the tutorial about drawing human poses.

Leg Muscles

Here I am with another eye bleeding topic; leg muscles. Anatomy again!

Leg and foot bones

As we have done for hands and arms, we are following the same way for feet and legs; starting with anatomy, then build muscles on them, then finally being able to draw feet and legs, knowing what’s there in the contours(muscles groups, tendons etc.).

Hand, dimensional thinking

This dimensional study was going to be in ‘hand poses‘ post actually. I tought thinking in this way will help you to understand the pieces of the form and the look when they overlap. But while drawing I realized maybe it wasn’t the easiest way to simplify, but rather (possibly) harder. So I dropped it somewhere in…

Hand poses

After hand and arm anatomy we are going on with hand poses today. Ready?

Hands and Arms – Anatomy

Before drawing hand poses we are going to apply anatomic knowledge of skeleton and muscles first. (“Again!?“)