A rhino

I had thought that drawing an animal from beginning to the end -the whole process- will be the last post of the whole ‘animal’ unit, and I was between an elephant and rhino to draw for that. Well, I have done the elephant, but rhino remained in my mind and I wanted to add a…

Animal Drawing – The whole process

“It is time to gather all the information for animal drawing; drawing it from the very beginning to the end” I thought, could be a good way to finish the whole ‘animal‘ title.

Animal in motion

After breaking animal apart and examining each part separately; now it is time to put it into motion.

Drawing Animals – Eyes

Let’s take a look at animal eyes this week and examine how to draw them. Travis–My Eyes playing in the background(don’t skip the video clip :p), did you prepare your papers and pencils? Good! ^^

Animal Anatomy 2

This is the second post about animal anatomy. This week I wanted to point out some other facts which they weren’t in the previous post, the ones I find also interesting and wanted to add.

Drawing Animals – Anatomy

We have gone through a huge human title(25 posts so far), now it is time for drawing animals, starting with anatomy. Here we go!

Drawing human poses

After the break I had in January, as I promised, I am back with the tutorial about drawing human poses.

Leg Muscles

Here I am with another eye bleeding topic; leg muscles. Anatomy again!