Hand poses

After hand and arm anatomy we are going on with hand poses today. Ready?

Hands and Arms – Anatomy

Before drawing hand poses we are going to apply anatomic knowledge of skeleton and muscles first. (“Again!?“)

Drawing torso – Figures

Last week it was torso’s skeleton and muscles here; you can take a look at my previous tutorial and there you are going to find fundamental informations for this post.

Drawing torso – Anatomy

It is pretty easy drawing contours of a torso, but what about muscles under skin, where to place what shape of muscle?

Lighting face

Lighting or shading a face is about understandig the form. Understanding the form and moving the light source wherever you want.

Head positions

Previous weeks we studied everything about face; what about head’s positions, angles, moves?

Drawing hair

We finished the whole face last week finally ^^, here we go with hair today!

Drawing lips

In previous posts we studied eyes, eyebrows, nose and ears; so today we finish face with lips and are ready to jump to hair tutorial next week. Grab your pencils, prepare papers, here we go!

Drawing ear

It was nose here last week, here we go with ear today! Drawing and shading ear; ear shapes; helix-antihelix(wt helix!?); ear’s position on head; front, side, back views; seems like all is here again!

Drawing nose

After eye and eyebrow posts here we go with nose; prepare your pencils!