Travel hits

Warsaw Uprising Monument/Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego

Pretending like storm

I am so often fascinated by the colors of the rising sun or a sign of a storm; that is a view from my window of a fake storm during sunset.

Fragrant tomatoes

I’ll tell you that if they hadn’t smelled awesome, I wouldn’t have wanted to paint them.

Come undone fish

That is a fish in two pieces from Duran Duran’s Come Undone video clip; well, it appears something like that on screen, but on my canvas.

Charging the moon

Based on the ‘Charging the Moon’ photo of my friend Dani’s, on his Instagram account as Mr Wallet ^^ First trial was on the black cartoon; the second is in here I share with you:

Darkness for a starry night

I realised there was a harmony before my eyes in the drawing, chocolate and tea; so I had to capture it :p

Kitty in the big city

This time I am inspired by a marvelous little tiger called Tophey, kitty_in_the_big_city on Instagram.