About Stretched Paw

It is hard to tell for how long I have been drawing –maybe almost a decade if architectural studies are counted-, but that’s for sure that this is the second year of Stretched Paw. Hearing I help some people out there is priceless. I want to keep doing this. So in this second year, different than 2017, here I am to share tutorials (about drawing, 3D and design) once in two weeks this time (still on Sundays) and spare more time for oil painting.

Such a good feeling to see your work grow bigger and have more in your portfolio. I dream bigger now and wish to see better works.

I will always be glad by your feedback. Tell me about how it goes. It is a long time process. So, may the patience be your fellow ^^

P.S.1: If you are interested in any of my works, contact me, please. You can reach my Etsy shop’s link here:

P.S.2: The drawing is my self-portrait (06.10.17).