About PEYL (Pervin Ece Yakacık Leczycki)

I feel so comfortable with a pen in my hand. My journey with drawing –which started in 2009 with architecture-, has evolved into painting.

After graduating from the department of architecture(’14), 2016 December I started my website to share drawing tutorials, and my other works. Later on I started applying oil, too, which was a decision of life I suppose.

Now I both draw and paint, and they effect to each other in some ways. There are times, it feels like I ‘draw’ the paint. Well, maybe I do.

When I choose my topics, I don’t necessarily stick to one specific thing, though my content seems to me all about nature. I paint details from nature -focus on making wide range of tones and creating contrasts, in the style of realism, with adding my own modified elements inside.

While painting those oil landscapes, I often feel the effect of my technical background –thinking in layers and dimensions, and often I borrow textures from my drawings, play around details.

Growing in a skill of creating compositions is a great tool to describe yourself -like the best gift that one would give to self. So, I am very happy 🙂 

I am always glad by your feedback. Leave me your comments.

Warsaw, 2020

P.S.If you are interested in any of my works, contact me, please.

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