Animal Drawing – The whole process

“It is time to gather all the information for animal drawing; drawing it from the very beginning to the end” I thought, could be a good way to finish the whole ‘animal‘ title.

Spotaso Mountain Chain

“‘Spotaso‘ is an invented word. Would be like the superlative of ‘spot’ if it would be a Spanish word.” says Dani, who inspired me to paint again one of his photos, which you can find in his Instagram account as mr__wallet. So, here comes a 60×100 cm oil painting, the spottest‘s green landscape.

Palms in the Sunset Cloud

I realized I paint what I miss the most -it is the sea in this case. The other thing is that palm trees from my childhood -I even think of its tattoo on the right arm, to symbolize my childhood and the real home in my subconscious.