Travel hits

Warsaw Uprising Monument/Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego

Body proportions

In the 8th month of my ‘SP’ finally I am starting human body with a great excitement. That topic had seemed so far away back then.

Pretending like storm

I am so often fascinated by the colors of the rising sun or a sign of a storm; that is a view from my window of a fake storm during sunset.

Fragrant tomatoes

I’ll tell you that if they hadn’t smelled awesome, I wouldn’t have wanted to paint them.

Nature composition

This week more than drawing techniques, I want to talk about confining your landscape, general feature of composition and unevenness.

Waves in acrylic

I realized that a drawing or a painting starts at the point that we disappointingly think that it is already ended.

Sea and waves

Previous week I mentioned that drawing a sea composition could give a more realistic result with watercolor; I repeat the same and add acrylic painting, too.  About drawing waves, ripples and all that foam I can’t decide whether it’s so simple or just hard. I think playing with a color’s tones in the wave surface…