Nature -> Leaf

Hi there everyone! After plant drawing tutorial here comes the leaf drawing post.

Nature -> Plant

Plant-vegetation is such a huge topic, it is hard not to lose yourself in it. So this week I decided to start from a point and separate the post from trees, bush, grass (which I have worked in the previous posts); moss, flowers (which are ‘coming soon’s).

Kitty in the big city

This time I am inspired by a marvelous little tiger called Tophey, kitty_in_the_big_city on Instagram.

Nature -> Rock

A rock is a solid organic form consists of minerals. Throughout the history massive pieces on earth got heated, squeezed, weathered and caused smaller ones. That is an interesting fact that humanity has learnt a lot from those pieces about creatures (like dinosaurs) have existed once. I found an article about it and I am dropping its link…

Pancake Rocks

You should google Pancake rocks and blowholes which are located in Punakaiki, New Zealand. I am glad I found it while preparing previous tutorial. In this post I wanted to see that organic form as a texture and draw it. I am sharing its steps with you this week.