Nature -> Mountain

Hi there everyone! We go on with another title of nature which is mountain.

Nature -> Bush and grass

Hi there again! Here I come with a post where the grass is green and the bush is I hope pretty ^^

Nature -> trees and branches

There are many interesting trees all around the world like Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree from California, Baobab Trees from Madagascar, Wind-Swept Trees from New Zealand, Socotra Dragon Tree which I chose to draw for this tutorial and much more…

Nature -> Tree trunks

Hi there! Here we are to examine different types of tree trunks’ texture, I believe it will help you in case of working on a big scale of tree drawing to draw the trunk in an organic and realistic way.

Nature -> Clouds

That night, doesn’t happen often, it was him who was choosing the songs and then I asked if I could do as well. He said “ok, but just one song”.