Fog and forest

Fog and forest drawing inspired by a photograph of twixfunsize on Instagram. I used white gel pen; green and red felt tip pens; grey coloring pencil, white charcoal pencil; white derwent pencil; 0.4 black pen and I used my finger to blend white for fog.

Materials -> Steel

I feel like I must admit that sometimes I look for -kind of inspiration for topics I find a little bit boring. I have been singing ‘she got wheels, wheels of steel‘ this time-cool, isn’t it? Prepare your white, black and grey pencils. I used grey tones and black coloring pencils, white gel pen, white…

Materials -> Fur

Hi everyone! Here is a post with a cozy and warm topic; which is fur this week!

Dance your dreams

Ballerina, dancing with fire, Ballerina, dance your dreams. (From a song called Ballerina-Pink cream 69)

Materials -> Leather

“Denim and leather, brought us all together!“ It was just few months ago I was shouting this in a concert of Saxon. Now here I found myself drawing some textures of leathers.

Back with FUN!

So excited to hear that Blondie‘s latest album Pollinator has been released. I was keeping a photo of Debbie Harry for a long time, finally I drew. Hope to catch one of their upcoming shows!

Materials-> Glass 2 (and ‘Be Water’)

Hi everyone! In my previous post I mentioned you about transparency of glass, refractions and reflections on it, glass cracks. I advise you to visit that post first then meet me in here again 😉 If you are ready, fasten your seatbelt and let’s go! Glass brick, really? Yees! *\o/* So let’s start checking what…

Materials -> Glass

How to define a material like glass, steel, cloth etc. in drawing? How to give that effect? Textures of materials are quite effective and important for better drawings. So I start with, hmmm… Oscar goes to… GLASS! *\o/* Glass is a transparent material, so we see what is behind that glass; the shadows inside the glass which…