Foreshortened Perspective

Here we are again with a post which blends previous posts’ topic: perspective and single object. Foreshortening is a way to look at an object from very top or down view of the chosen object (which is very similar to bird’s and worm’s eye view); or looking from front at it and giving the depht…

Some more single objects

Here we are again for single object drawing from simple to complex objects step by step. Previous post was about single object, too; there I decided to draw a natural object which was a leaf, and in here we will see some artificial materials. Below is a wine glass from three different views. In here what…

A close look to worm’s eye view

Worm’s and bird’s eye views – rise and fall! In here we are going to examine these two perspective types through skyscrapers.

A close look to 3 point perspective

If you google three point perspective you will see mostly cubes and skyscrapers, though skyscrapers are good to draw under this title; but at this point I tought I want to draw something different.

A close look to 2 point perspective

2 Point Perspective The logic of the central (conic) perspective type is that surfaces head to a point, two or three. You can see the headings of the surfaces in the example  as the red arrows show the vanishing points. In that two point type there are two vanishing points. Two surfaces head to two different…