3 Dimensional Effect

“When you are a child, you learn there are three dimensions: height, width and depth. Like a shoebox. Then later you hear there’s a fourth dimension: time. Then some say there can be five, six, seven…“ From the movie ‘Paterson’

Pioneer Traveller Adam Driver

Shall we draw Adam Driver ^^ Say “yes!” please because I am going to tell you how to draw from beginning to the end in one drawing. The last drawing from previous post was quite good to examine and is going to be helpful I believe.


I had mentioned you about negative space in my previous post. Silhouettes are positive spaces. So we can say negative space and silhouette complete each other, can’t we? Well, I say.

Negative Space

An important topic for drawing, photography, web design, graphic design etc. And also the right topic which should be studied right after shades. 

Exercises, we love them(!)

Can you imagine the first tutorial I have ever studied was fashion figures? In the end of 2014, I tried to dance before crawling.

Equipment for a better drawing

Hi everyone! ^^ Here we are in the second post. I am going to tell you why the variety of equipment is important and what those equipments are.

Before Starting

I have things to say…
…just like I have things to draw in order to show what I imagine in my mind. That was the main reason that I put drawing on a more serious level in my life and challenge myself to check how far I can go in my fantasy.