I was planning an oil painting series for anatomical close-ups. I couldn’t start yet; all of a sudden that drawing came out. Though, the owner of those feet doesn’t like them and also the drawing 😀


The image in my mind was a 3-step-wave, a dark composition on white walls. So here it is!

Flower Field

Here I come with another field painting today, worked with a spatula and impasto mainly.

Pineapple Field

This time here I come with an oil painting I have finished a while ago.

A rhino

I had thought that drawing an animal from beginning to the end -the whole process- will be the last post of the whole ‘animal’ unit, and I was between an elephant and rhino to draw for that. Well, I have done the elephant, but rhino remained in my mind and I wanted to add a…

Animal Drawing – The whole process

“It is time to gather all the information for animal drawing; drawing it from the very beginning to the end” I thought, could be a good way to finish the whole ‘animal‘ title.

Spotaso Mountain Chain

“‘Spotaso‘ is an invented word. Would be like the superlative of ‘spot’ if it would be a Spanish word.” says Dani, who inspired me to paint again one of his photos, which you can find in his Instagram account as mr__wallet. So, here comes a 60×100 cm oil painting, the spottest‘s green landscape.

Palms in the Sunset Cloud

I realized I paint what I miss the most -it is the sea in this case. The other thing is that palm trees from my childhood -I even think of its tattoo on the right arm, to symbolize my childhood and the real home in my subconscious.

Animal in motion

After breaking animal apart and examining each part separately; now it is time to put it into motion.

Drawing Animals – Eyes

Let’s take a look at animal eyes this week and examine how to draw them. Travis–My Eyes playing in the background(don’t skip the video clip :p), did you prepare your papers and pencils? Good! ^^